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Ares sl9 sniper rifle aeg black airsoft tiger111hk area. Sl9, blowback, black, ares, sr001 automatic electric airsoft gun aeg. Star turned into ares a year or so ago back, hence why the star one is out of stock everywhere. Airsoftology checked out the hk sl9 from elite force. Only used it in 2 games since i got it but its really nice and far more. Hk sl9 elite 35round midcap magazine airsoft atlanta.

Spring pistols non blowback gas pistols gas blowback pistols electric pistols revolvers. I can link to my tech work feedback thread dating to 2010. I was lucky enough to purchase the last aresstar sl9 before it went out of stock for a while star ares, pretty much, or something like that, i think star is the oem and ares rebrands it, but. Aresfh005 aresout of stock map protected price is map protected. Ares buy airsoft products by ares online from redwolf. Unlike traditional sniper rifles, this new hk sl9 sd features both semi and full auto fire modes, allowing you to take quick followup shots and suppress when needed. It was professionally built and maintained after i received it, and is truly a masterpiece of mine. Welcome to zero one airsoft, the uks oldest and largest airsoft company. Asura dynamics rk3 ak pistol grip for ak aeg series 6. It makes sense but i kindof want to go with a regulator kit for 12g co2 catrides because id beable to attach it on the gun in some way and not be permanatly attached to it. Visualizza altre idee su armi, armi da fuoco e strumenti di sopravvivenza. See more ideas about airsoft, airsoft guns and tactical gear.

Its black, futuristic design looks like something you would see in appleseed or any other scifi action film you can envision. Ares aluminum short sl8sl9 airsoft muzzle break black. Orders placed with flat rate is of our choice in the shipping method. The various 9mm submachineguns and carbines built on the ar frame are all blowback unlocked or inertiaonly actions. Done quickly just before work but wanted to show it off. But hpa would be a better choice but i dont like the big tanks. Weapons company ares series is characterised by high quality design of the nylon body with fibre glass. Ares ares sl8 sl9 aluminum long muzzle brake airsoft tiger111hk area.

Keep in mind, i have not gone above an m120 spring or a 7. Ares electric powered rifles at zero one airsoft the. If youre looking for a sexy sniper that will get the job done, this is the gun to get. Ares aluminum short sl8 sl9 airsoft muzzle break black sku. Ares sl9 sniper rifle ebb airsoft gun in black bbguns4less. It is fully blowback and averages 750 rounds a minute. Ares m200 sniper rifle bk buy airsoft sniper rifles. We are here to make sure your experience buying airsoft products online goes as smoothly as possible. Oct 14, 20 keep in mind, i have not gone above an m120 spring or a 7.

Comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. The ares version of this gun is accepted as the best sl9 platform and has been long discontinued. In reality, this airsoft guns bite is just as striking as its bark, with a rated 440 fps velocity and 650mm inner barrel. Ares amoeba striker as02 sniper rifle black as02bk. The sl9 elite now comes with a full metal barrel extension and an included bipod for superb sniper support. Elite force 1911 blowback 6mm bb pistol airsoft gun, 1911 tac, fdeblack. Easy to use earbuds earphones since this earphone is a bluet000th connectivity version. Ares sl8 sl9 aluminum long muzzle brake airsoft tiger111hk. Actually, come to think of it i may have seen a kit for tm and clone g36s im not 100% though. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any airsoft gun. Stock up on these magazines for running a low profile sniper setup with the ares sl9.

Ares m3 grease gun stamped steel body w electric blowback smg004. This airsoft sl9 made by ares provides the same look, function and ergonomics of real sl9. This magazine may work with other g36 variant airsoft guns but cannot be guaranteed by airsoft gi. But the quick change spring, spring detensioner, and easily disabled blowback all have worked flawlessly for me. Worlds largest airsoft gun owners manuals and instructions. English french deutsch portuguese spanish russia norway japan.

Used extensively in milsim and tactical training scenarios where realism is of the utmost importance. Has the airsoft dmr aeg been perfected by ares of all companies. Weve upgraded this one with one of my handmade motors and siegetek gears for. If these features werenat enough, ares has also installed the electric blowback system into their hk sl9 sd aeg, providing a snappy report after each shot. Tokyo marui, classic army, star, ares, src, echo1, jg, matrix and other compatible g36 g36c g36k sl8 sl9 mk36c series airsoft aeg that uses standard marui g36c compatible type magazines. The body of the gun is made out of a polymer material to decrease weight but maintain durability. Ares l1a1 slr airsoft aeg black the fn fal fusil automatique leger light automatic rifle is one of the most famous and widespread military rifle designs of the xx century. Developed by the belgian fabrique nationale company, it was used by some 70 or even more countries, and was manufactured in at least 10 countries.

So whether youre looking for a fun cheap bb gun or a professional airsoft recoil rifle, weve got you covered. Aug 29, 20 airsoftology checked out the hk sl9 from elite force. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Since 1972 umarex has created a world of adventure for sport shooters, recreational shooters and hunters. The g36cv will fire with a realistic blowback function that gives its operator a more realistic firing experience than other version can offer. Feb 14, 2016 ares g36 blowback with builtin controller and hall effect sensor doing the selection and gear position detection. It has been only tested since the build and never seen field use. Ares g36 blowback with builtin controller and hall effect sensor doing the selection and gear position detection. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Replique airsoft aeg ares g36 sl9 type dmr avec systeme blowback et efcs integre.

The stock is fully adjustable to different lengths and the cheek rest height is also adjustable. Ares fh005 ares out of stock map protected price is map protected. The ares sa vz58 ak licensed by czech small arms company is a unique airsoft gun resembling the appearance of ak. Ares aluminum short sl8sl9 airsoft muzzle break black sku. Walther 15rd pps m2 co2 blowback airsoft pistol magazine by umarex. It is a little more than half the weight as the real steel one weighing over 5 kilos, 4 kilos less than the real steel one which is at at 31 lbs or 9 kg. Mar 26, 2018 the ares version of this gun is accepted as the best sl9 platform and has been long discontinued. Unit eh, 15f, block b, goodman kwai chung logistics centre, 585609 castle peak road. Walther p99 blowback 6mm bb pistol airsoft gun, walther p99 airsoft gun. This is the aresumarex g36c with recoil shock blowback technology that simulates slight recoil and slides the bolt back and forth with each shot. Fedex ground for heavylarger packages and priority for smaller. Mag m16 midcap rds vn style magazine box set7pcsset 5. Tip the easiest way to check the shipping cost for what you want to buy is put all of the stuff you want in to your basket. Redwolf airsoft airsoft gun softair gun retail and.

Ares have been making a lot of sniper rifles recently and they finally had a go at the m200. Complete with a high torque motor, metal gears, adjustable hopup, two sling mount connections and a fully adjustable stock heightlength. You need to open the bluet000th on your phone firstly, connect your earphone with your phone, and click. The sl9 has a fixed stock which gives makes the gun more stable when firing. Details jetzt kaufen ares sniper upgrade cylinder c. Remember to check also post on facebook when commenting to qualify for the giveaways. Airsoft umarex walther p99 dao co2 blowback gbb pistol metal slide. Watch and find out in the latest episode from rwtv as marck takes you through it to show you all the features of the ares m110.

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