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It was the first republic serial to be rereleased in this way. Don daredevil rides again classic cliffhanger movie. Sinister land grabber stratton roy barcroft tries to swindle patricia doyle aline towne out of her ranch using a forged spanish land grant. Curtis also plays don daredevil s second identity, lee hadley. Stratton lures don daredevil into an ambush but he escapes to an old ore shack overhanging a cliff, and chapter one, return of the don, ends when the shack is dynamited. Eleven more chapters reel by before lee don daredevil acquires the original, unforged deed and puts an end to strattons scheme in the 12th episode, flames of vengeance. Titulo no brasil don daredevil rides again titulo original don daredevil rides again ano lancamento 1951 genero acao aventura. Don daredevil rides again cliffhanger serial with extras. Ken curtis and aline towne are starring, alongside roy barcroft, lane bradford, robert einer and i. Lane bradford list of movies and tv shows tv guide. It was the eighth of the sixtysix republic serials, the third with a western theme a third of republics serials were. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it also manages to successfully conceal its low budgetsince, as a western, its. It was directed by william witney and john english and is considered one of the better serials produced by republic. The character of don daredevil ken curtis was created for this serial as the rights to zorro belonged to disney by 1951.

Its another variation of the time worn zorro legend where the hero gets to dress up in that black costume, wear a mask and ride a black horse from under that ever present waterfall. It makes heavy use of stock footage from republics previous zorro serials. Although he appeared on gunsmoke earlier in other roles, he was first cast as festus in season 8 episode, december 8, 1962 us haggens. The ghost invisible through 15 exciting episodes that have tracy facing cremation. In the england of the late 1600s, nobleman lord bellmore lou merrill recruits naval officer richard dale richard crane to obtain proof that privateer captain william kidd john crawford, commissioned to hunt pirates, has betrayed his trust and turned pirate himself. Don daredevil rides again republic, 1951, a welldone western chapterplay in which barcroft played a politician and lawyer named douglas stratton, gave roy his first serial brains heavy role since gmen never forget. Unlike most serial actresses, louise currie was not a former model or beauty pageant winnerbut she was still a very attractive girl. Don daredevil rides again will not go down in history as one of the great republic serials.

Federal operator 99 has more characteracting vignettes than other republics of the period. Daredevils of the red circle 1939 is a 12chapter republic movie serial starring charles quigley, david sharpe, herman brix better known under his subsequent stage name, bruce bennett, carole landis, miles mander in a dual role and charles middleton. Vintage serial movie western action at its 50ish decade best. Don daredevil rides again 1951 is a republic movie serial. Trailer for the 12chapter western serial, don daredevil rides again 1951, starring ken curtis, aline towne, roy barcroft, lane bradford and john cason. Lane bradford full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Trailer for the 1951 serial, don dredevil rides again, starring ken curtis, lane. Don daredevil rides again dvd cliffhanger serial zorrolike. Louise currie in the bmystery second chance wurtzel productions, 1947. Zorro does not ride in this serial, since disney now owned the rights to the zorro character. Zorro rides again 1937 is a 12chapter republic pictures film serial. Zorro simply became don daredevil ken curtis, a foppish easterner by day turned masked avenger by night. Ken curtis, aline towne, roy barcroft, lane bradford.

Details about don daredevil rides again cliffhanger serial 12 chapters. Adventures of captain marvel is a 1941 american 12chapter blackandwhite movie serial from republic pictures, produced by hiram s. Zorro rides again serial episode three 1937 youtube. Don daredevil rides again henchman weber 1 episode.

Extras include a long trailer reel, chapter three of captain video color tinted with judd holdren and chapter two of the painted stallion the mystery rider. Jack harden actor jack harden is an actor, known for zombies of the stratosphere 1952, rebound 1952 and racket. Again unlike most serial heroines, currie received considerable training as a dramatic actressbut this background. Jungle girls official release date is 21 june 1941, although this is actually the date the seventh chapter was made available to film exchanges. Stockfootage from republic pictures earlier zorro serials was served up once again in this 12 chapter cliffhanger, this time without the financially strapped studio having to credit zorro creator johnston mcculley or pay any royalties. Images man with the steel whip12 episodes vhs dick. Don daredevil rides again the files of jerry blake. Don daredevil rides again is in most regards a typical late republic serial. Watch full episodes of don daredevil rides again and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. In the tradition of zorro, don daredevil rides again brings serial fans a new masked hero to cheer on in another thrilling cliffhanger originally released by republic pictures in 1951. The serial was rereleased on 19 april 1947 between the first runs of son of zorro and jesse james rides again.

Don daredevil rides again is in most regards a typical late republic. Zorros black whip chapter 12 trail of treachery public domain. The royal mounted rides again universal, 1945, ch. Reallife conductor jack george plays a selfimportant pianist and maurice cass an eccentric violinist, while the perpetually apoplecticlooking frank jacquet pops up as a pompous lawyer and tom london plays a putupon professor. Omar benson miller, star of the unicorn, picks his favorite l. Like his not too distant relative, don wore his disguise in order to battle nasty roy barcroft who, under a forged spanish land grant, attempts to take over the surrounding ranch land. Starring richard crane, david bruce, john crawford, george wallace, lee roberts.

Don daredevil rides again 1951 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The wily stratton had his minions steal an old spanish land grant under which the local ranchers held their property. Don daredevil rides again 1951 don daredevil rides. Interactive menus, chapter selection, two disc set. Adams, relive those thrilling days week after week venue brought you to the theater, as you were mesmerized in your seat waiting for the final chapter. Don daredevil rides again is an american serial of 1951, adventure genre, directed by fred c.

See the sellers listing for full details and description of any imperfections. Some pieces of inchapter actionlike the attack on the wagons in the second episode or the buckboard chase in chapter fivedraw. The character of don daredevil was created for this serial as the rights to zorro belonged to disney by 1951. Don daredevil rides again movie serial free download of. This site allows a free download of b movies, which include westerns, crime, science fiction, and serials cliff hangers, etc.

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